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As an athlete growing up and armed with a journalism degree, my goal coming out of college in 1979 was to be a sportswriter at a daily newspaper. I’ve always been grateful that I was able to fulfill that goal for the three-plus years I was part of a very talented Sacramento Union sports department staff. Here’s just a sampling of the hundreds of stories I wrote while in that job.

My Years as a Sportswriter

Chris Ault/U of Nevada Sagebrush/March 23, 1976

The Power of Cordova/Sacramento Union/Oct. 16, 1979

Losing McClatchy Style/Sacramento Union/Oct. 17, 1979

Baker, Royster Reflect/Sacramento Union/Feb. 8, 1980

Ben Davidson Plays Mr. Nice Guy/Sacramento Union/January 1980

Partygoers at the Pig Bowl/Sacramento Union/Jan.  18, 1980

Other Center of UCLA Dynasty/Sacramento Union/March 1980

Lodi Dodgers GM/Sacramento Union/May 1980

Sac High Wins TOC Crown/Sacramento Union/May 1980

Expos Give Manuel New Life/Sacramento Union/June 1980

1980 Baseball All-Metro Team/Sacramento Union/June 1, 1980

Lodi Dodgers Have Local Look/Sacramento Union/June 8, 1980

Sax Brothers Stay Intact/Sacramento Union/July 1980

Sacramento a Scout's Paradise/Sacramento Union/July 1980

Ed Figueroa Hangs On/Sacramento Union/August 1980

Dion James Still Draws Rave Reviews/Sacramento Union/Dec. 16, 1982

Al Wiggins Closes in on Record/Sacramento Union/Aug. 28, 1980

BV's Yeates Wins State Tourney/Sacramento Union/March 8, 1981

Dolan No-hits Del Campo/Sacramento Union/June 1981

Hazewood Marks Time/Sacramento Union/June 1981

Buffalos Coach Max Miller/Sacramento Union/June 1981

Smokin' Smokeys Head into Utah/Sacramento Union/July 16, 1981

Sax Ready for Dodger Blue?/Sacramento Union/July 1981

Bob Kammeyer Misses Baseball/Sacramento Union/August 1981

Buffalos Run Wild/Sacramento Union/Aug. 16, 1981

Buffs' Worman Hopes for NFL/Sacramento Union/Sept. 10, 1981

Sperbeck's Reno Gamble/Sacramento Union/October 1981

Price Tunes up for Racquetball/Sacramento Union/October 1981

Twin Cities Wins CFL Title/Sacramento Union/Oct. 12, 1981

Sacto Still Without a Team/Sacramento Union/Oct. 18, 1981

Alcohol Throws Welch a Curve/Sacramento Union/January 1982

Sax Feeling No Pressure/Sacramento Union/Feb. 12, 1982

Drungo Hazewood Waits/Sacramento Union/Feb. 17, 1982

Weinstein in No Hurry to Leave/Sacramento Union/May 1982

Dodgers Love Sacramento's Ron King/Sacramento Union/May 1982

Tisdel 'Optimistic' about His Job/Sacramento Union/June 1982

Night League: Best Baseball in Sac/Sacramento Union/July 11, 1982

Back From a Beaning/Sacramento Union/Aug. 1, 1982

Nevada-Reno's “Farm team”/Sacramento Union/October 1982

LA's Sax Named Top NL Rookie/Sacramento Union/November 1982

Forsch Brothers Reflect on '82 Titles/Sacramento Union/November 1982

Dion James Adjusts to Minors/Sacramento Union/Aug. 17, 1980

Unparalleled Year for SCC Athletics/Sacramento Union/May 25, 1983

Frustrating End to SCC's 1983 Baseball Season/Sacramento Union/May 29, 1983

Nottle Finally Realizes a Dream/Sacramento Union/February 1983

Decision Time for Grant Duo/Sacramento Union/May 1983

1983 Baseball All-Metro Team/Sacramento Union/June 1983

Phils Take Ricky Jordan in the First Round/Sacramento Union/June 1983

Local Talent Runs 49ers Camp/Sacramento Union/July 28, 1983

Most Boring Team in NCAA Tourney-Nevada/Sacramento Union/March 1984

Mays Autograph Goes for $4.50/Sacramento Union/March 19, 1984

Is Sacramento Ready for the Big Leagues?/The Sporting News/Feb. 25, 1985

Card Craze Grows in Capital/Sacramento Union/April 17, 1989

Collectors Love Rookie Cards/Sacramento Union/April 30, 1989

Furor Subsides Over Ripken Card/Sacramento Union/June 11, 1989

1989 Cards: A Collector's Choice/Sacramento Union/May 28, 1989

Times Change in Card Collecting/Sacramento Union/July 23, 1989

Are Dealers Stealing the Joy of Collecting?/Sacramento Union/Sept. 24, 1989

Quake Strikes out When it Comes to World Series/Sacramento Union/Oct. 27, 1989

Preserving Sports Memories with VCRs/Sacramento Union/Nov. 5, 1989

Rod Scurry Farewell/Reno Gazette-Journall/Nov. 8, 1992

Martarano Letter/Sports Illustrated/March 11, 2002