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Steve Martarano

In the News . .

Forever, it seemed, I haven’t known what to do with those clips. They were everywhere -- in boxes, topic binders in probably a dozen places around the house. As a daily newspaper reporter for 10 years and a government public affairs spokesman for almost 30, all in Sacramento, I accumulated a good amount of published stuff, and in 2012 I finally figured out what to do with it all.

This “archive” represents the early part of my 40-year career as a professional, as well as some personal  tidbits, such as it is. It is a live, evolving, hopefully historical, document that will be constantly updated as I stumble across more stuff. Some of the clips here have stayed in better shape than others, but I hope you find it as intriguing to browse through as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Well, probably not, but enjoy .  . . . .

And beginning in 2014, I started doing freelance writing and photography work for publications such as Comstock's Magazine and the Sacramento Press, and my recent work can be found here at this site: Martarano Media.

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