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My front row seat to history (such as it is)

Jim/Nell Hamm Mountain Lion Attack: Jan. 24, 2007

Eureka Times-Standard: “I Knew It Would Kill Him” Jan. 26, 2007

Digital Journal: Man Attacked; Wife Fights Back: Jan. 26, 2007

Associated Press: 65-year-old Wife Rescues Man: Jan. 26, 2007

Fox News: Wife Saves Husband from Mouth of Lion: Jan. 26, 2007

Blog: Hero of the Day: Jan. 26, 2007

Good Morning America (video): Jan. 28, 2007

MSNBC (video): Lion Attacks, Spouse Fights Back: Jan. 28, 2007

Today Show (video): Victim Worsens: Jan. 28, 2007

AP/USA Today: Lion Claws Had Blood: Jan. 28, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle: Outlook Good for Man Attacked: Jan. 30, 2007

Associated Press: Attack Victim Worsens: Jan. 31, 2007

CBS News (Video): Victims Describe Attack: Jan. 31, 2007

CBS News: Hiker Well After 4 Surgeries: Feb. 11, 2007

KGO-TV: Victim Leaves Hospital: Feb. 13, 2007

CNN (video): Hospital Press Conference: Feb. 14, 2007

Digital Journal: Victim Goes Home: Feb. 14, 2007

CA State Parks: Attack Story: Spring, 2007

People Magazine: “She Saved My Life”: Aug. 20, 2007

Eureka Times-Standard: Hamms Thank Fortuna: Aug. 21, 2007

Outside Magazine: Nell Hamm First Person Account: Oct. 25, 2007

Animal Planet (video): After the Attack: March 4, 2008

CBS News (video): Hamms Update: Sept. 19, 2008

Capitol Weekly/Hamms Update: Nov. 27, 2008

CBS News/Hamms Update: Feb. 11, 2009

National Geographic/Lions vs. Outdoor Enthusiasts

San Francisco Chronicle/Attack a Lesson in Survival: June 24, 2012

Eureka Times-Standard/Jim Hamm dies: October 17, 2019

List of Mountain Lion Attacks in CA

Cougar Info: Pictures of Jim Hamm Attack

Cougar Info: Info on Jim Hamm Attack